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Why Lanter Distributing

Why Lanter

Lanter's reputation speaks for itself. Many of our customer relationships date back to the 70's and 80's. Our excellent customer service has earned us respect from our clients and has helped brand Lanter Distributing as a prominent and reliable LTL temperature controlled carrier.

Lanter Distributing will not overcommit and under deliver. If we don't feel comfortable with a certain lane or if the lead time/RAD isn't within reach for us, we'll tell you straight up. We'll pre-appoint and communicate the delivery process to you through to completion.

We know how important the rates are and we also know that our ability to execute the pickup and delivery process without issue and within the expected time-frame is of equal importance. We commit to being in tune to and adhering to delivery date (RAD) expectations, reporting requirements, and other details.

Why Lanter? Because we will get the job done for you and your customer!

To Lanter Distributing,

Congratulations on your outstanding on time delivery performance! It is my pleasure to thank you for the hard work you have done. During the first two weeks of October, there were one hundred and two shipments going in and out. It is you who made it possible for Hickory Farms to deliver our products on time, accurate and complete to the customers. We want to thank Ryan Behrmann who has been very responsive and David Schroeder who has helped in every way possible to make sure the delivery process goes smooth. We also want to personally thank individual pool point contacts: George Shomin from Lenexa, Hugh Chaffin from Nashville, Chuck Hunter from Madison, Trent Harp from Forest Park, and Frank Graul from Memphis for your patience and cooperation. Without you, it would be impossible to have a smooth delivery.

Thank you, Transportation and Logistic Team
Hickory Farms