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National LTL Distribution Network

Lanter provides LTL transportation services for temperature sensitive products.

Lanter Distributing's asset-based fleet provides regional LTL coverage for temperature sensitive products throughout the greater Midwest, South, Southeast, and Southwest.

Lanter carefully selected a group of partner carriers and formed a network that ultimately provides national LTL coverage for temperature sensitive products. Each partner is a regional carrier specific to their respective region of the country. They are small family business owners, financially stable second and third generation companies whose owners possess a strong work ethic and an even stronger desire to exceed customer expectations.

These partners are strategically located with cross-dock terminals equipped to handle a variety of temperature ranges. The primary purpose of the terminals is freight consolidation and cross-docking; the multi-temp facilities protect the integrity of the product during cross-dock and also provide short term and long-term storage options for our client base.

Familiarity: Our network of carriers, including our own managed fleet of drivers, deliver to familiar customers sites on a regular basis. In many cases we have standing appointments or set delivery dates and times at the grocery/mass/drug shipping and receiving docks.

Lanter has National LTL Distribution Network facilities available in in St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, and Dallas.